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Segmental Paver Resume

Segmental paving is an advanced stage in the field of cement masonry. A segmental paver usually works with bricks and cement to create walkways and other outdoor surfaces. The typical job of a segmental paver involves checking the surface that is to be paved and making the necessary arrangements. It is their responsibility to frame the area and level it with the help of sand or gravel. They are also involved in cutting and installing pavers; made of cement and brick. Finally, they need to check for gaps and fill the spaces, if any, with the help of cement and sand. For a more secured finish, they need to tamp the surface. The job is tedious as it involves working outdoors, lifting heavy materials, and operating the cutting equipments. Candidates applying for a job in this profile should highlight their skills necessary for the job and thus should reflect in a segmental paver resume.


There is no specific education required for the job. Most candidates begin their career in the construction field and gain specialization with the help of on-the-job training. If the candidate is lucky, renowned contractors or trade associations who sponsor the entire apprenticeship program with a paid on-the-job training may hire him. The apprenticeship program may last between 3-4 years, which also includes classroom instructions. Before placing the offer, as a pre-requisite, candidates have to pass a written test followed by physical examination because of the demands of the job.

A competitive resume of a person seeking a job as a segmental paver should present the candidate as a hard working person with a good physical condition. Because experience is always important, include this in your resume if you possess it.

Segmental Paver Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Martin Gorman
Birth date: 23.08.1986
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Segmental pavers are people hired to pave selected areas. They will have to know how to work with specific tools and equipments and with the specific materials used for paving. A job like this requires hard working people with knowledge of the field and people who are comfortable working under different weather conditions.


To obtain a position of a segmental paver in your company and to convince my superiors about my good intentions and my strong will of working and doing a good job; to integrate well in your team and to become a reliable member; to learn new things in this position and to accomplish all my tasks respecting deadlines and conditions


I am a conscientious and experienced employee, who is available to work long hours and in shifts. I want to start working soon as a segmental paver. I also possess positive reference from my previous work, which would prove my abilities and that I am a good paver.


  • Ability to work long hours
  • Resistant to stress
  • Good physical condition
  • Manual dexterity
  • Reliable worker
  • Knowledge about the equipment used in the field and about different paving techniques

Work Experience

Segmental paver,
Building Incorporation,
San Francisco, 2007-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Installing the lay out
  • Cutting pavers
  • Pasting paving units
  • Covering and repairing pavements and adjoining roads


College degree, San Francisco College, San Francisco, 2007
3-year apprenticeship program at Building Incorporation backed with on the job training


Respected the deadlines
Made pavements according to standards
Become a certified paver

Areas of interest

Pavement and construction


Toms Freud
Building Incorporation, San Francisco
Contact number: (1254) 548-256

When drafting a segment paver resume one need to highlight your skills and previous experience. As mentioned earlier, candidates without any previous job experience can also apply for a job in this category. In such cases one should highlight your skills and convince the employer that are ready to accept all the challenges of the job.

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