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Selfservice Laundry Attendant Resume

They are responsible for showing new clients what they need to do and how to use the laundry machines. If the clients want the laundry attendant to wash the clothing items, they need to pay a certain fee. This fee will be cashed in by the attendant.

This resume will hopefully teach you more about what it means to be a self-service laundry attendant. This should provide a clear example of the duties this job requires. Change all the fictional info, such as the name and address, if you intend to use this resume in real job applications.


Selfservice Laundry Attendant Sample Resume


  • Name: Mary Harris
  • Birth date: 14.05.1985
  • Phone number: (555) 888-8888
  • Email address:
  • Home address: 2458 Cranberry Lane, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Marital status: Single
  • Driver's license: yes
  • Nationality: American

I want to get a job as a self- service laundry attendant. I would like to become a part of your company where I can work for an extended period of time.


Ready to be hired as soon as possible, I am a responsible and mature individual. I have a good grasp on what this job means, and I am ready to work hard to fulfill my daily tasks in an efficient way. I believe my hiring will only be beneficial to both of us.


  • Can communicate in an easy manner
  • Socializing abilities
  • Very friendly, easy to talk to individual
  • Always tries to keep the customers happy and satisfied
  • Good knowledge of the job that needs to be done (the dry cleaning field)
  • Good notions of solvents, of what it needs to be used for cleaning clothes
  • Strong knowledge of different types of fabrics and what each requires
  • Can easily identify any problems with the laundry equipment

Dry cleaning attendant,
AQUA CLEANING, Atlanta, Georgia, 20xx-20xx

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Greeted the clients when entering the dry cleaning
  • Checked for problems, identified them and decided what procedure should be used
  • Asked questions relating to the history of the clothing item, as well as how it has been previously treated
  • Inserted the clothing items into the dry cleaning machines, and cleaned them using various solvents and procedures
  • Returned the items to the customers, and cashed in the payment for the clean items
  • Ensured good work relations with team- mates and regular customers
  • Took note and reported any client complaint to the laundry shop supervisor
  • Ensured the laundry shop was running according to the rules and regulationsSelf-Service Laundry Attendant,
Self-Service Laundry, Atlanta, Georgia, 200xx-20zz

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Showed clients how to operate the laundry machines on their own
  • Assisted clients while laundering their clothes
  • Explained to them how to sort clothes depending on fabrics and colors
  • Explained to them how to differentiate between different stains and what solvents to use in order to remove the stains
  • Calculated the sum to be charged from clients for using the laundry machines
  • Received the payment.
Educational Qualification
  • High school diploma, North Atlanta High School, Atlanta, Georgia, 20xx-20xx
  • Batchelor's degree in Chemistry, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, due 20yy

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