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Service Station Attendant Resume

A service station attendant resume is the resume prepared by attendants who verify brake and transmission levels, change or repair tires, and charge batteries and perform others tasks given at the service stations. All attendants accept the payments, change cash, and offer directions. Tasks may range from one station to the other. Smaller units can have a single attendant, who takes care of all these services. Larger units have more than one attendant, each one of them having a specific task, for example making light replacing or repairs or pumping gas.


Companies opt to hire candidates with high school diplomas, even though the job has not any particular educational requirements. No experience is needed, either. On the job, the instructions given are usually the only training for these workers. Various large firms do provide training programs, however. A few high schools have vocational programs that mix the students' final two years of study with part-time employment as service station attendants.

Recruiters look for candidates with a driver's license, a wide-ranging comprehension on the functionality of cars, and certain sales skills. In addition, they ought to know highways, local roads, and areas of interest so that they can provide directions to drivers and find vehicles whose drivers are in need of road service. Marine service stations need employees to understand basic boat up keeping, boat safety, and neighboring waterways.

Service Station Attendant Resume Sample

Contact details

Name: Jason Darring
Address: 3079 Oak Street, Canton, NY 13617, USA
Home: 123 456 7890
Mobile: 098 765 4321


Looking for a position as Service Station Attendant


Remarkably talented, active, ingenious and dependable Service Station Attendant with over 4 years of experience in working with fuel, motor accessories, lubricants, takeaway drinks and food, and additional items, and moreover carrying out light repairs on motor vehicles.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Remarkable ability to take pleasure in manual and practical work
  • Disciplined and hard worker with an experience in putting in long hours
  • Punctual in completing all the given tasks
  • Regular in attendance
  • Immense technical knowledge related to motor vehicles and their maintenance
  • Ability to grasp new information quickly
  • Eagerness to learn new things related to motor vehicles
  • No skin allergies determined by exposing to oil and petrol
  • Excellent ability to compute numbers, manage money and note down clearly
  • Notable friendly attitude and outstanding communication abilities
  • Outstanding curiosity for motor vehicles
  • Rare mechanical capabilities
  • Solid capacity of remembering product data and providing advice to clients
  • Noteworthy interpersonal abilities in relation with the public

Working History

Service Station Attendant
The Someville Gas Station, Someville, New York, USA

Duties fulfilled as Service Station Attendant

  • Fill LPG cylinders and fuel tanks
  • Determine oil levels in engines
  • Measuring tire air pressure
  • Refill water, oil and air levels
  • Clean windscreens
  • Clean around the station and the petrol pumps
  • Allow and monitor EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer at point of sale), credit card and cash payments, and use a computerized terminals and cash registers
  • Advised personnel on how to improve servicing of cars
  • Guided and help new employees in understanding of the job environment
  • Helped out mechanics in light car fixings and cleaning
  • Solved any grievances of the employees
  • Took regular feedback from employees as well as the customers for the improvement of the service station
  • Kept the employees aware about new company policies, rules, and regulations
  • Monitored the performance of all the employees and made sure they are working to their optimum potential
  • Prepared and managed billing related queries of the customers and kept log records of the same
  • Performed essential administrative duties


High School Diploma, New York Public High School, New York, USA, 2006


William M. Kelly
Service Station Manager
The Someville Gas Station, Someville, USA

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