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Slip Bridge Operator Resume

Slip bridge operators have the duty to move bridge controls in order to align and extend bridge tracks with tracks on barges and to control the vertical movement of bridges in conformance with the sinking of the scow during loading. They may also lash the scow to the wharf with steel cable dragged taut by windlass and winch when tugboats bring the scow into position.

This occupation requires at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, and some employers may require a formal training course as well. There are no specific work-related skills or knowledge needed to perform this job.


Job duties and tasks that a slip bridge operator should know:

  • Needs to attach and remove weights to the bridge mechanism
  • Activating traffic signals, navigation lights, and alarm by moving levers
  • Controlling machines to open and close horizontal and vertical adjustable bridges
  • Preparing accident reports
  • Regular inspection of bridge equipment and reporting it to supervisor as required
  • Keeping a record of data such as water levels and weather conditions

Skill requirements for a slip bridge operator:

  • Operation and control – controlling of equipments
  • Instructing – ability to teach others
  • Monitoring – keeping track of gauges, dials, and other instruments
  • Maintenance – routine maintenance of equipments and what kind of is required
  • Troubleshooting – finding errors and resolving them

Ability requirements for a slip bridge operator:

  • Precision – adjusting the controls of the machine to same position many times
  • Sensitivity – reporting a problem no matter how small it is
  • Depth perception – judging the distance between various objects
  • Steadiness – ability to hold your hand in one position for long hours(machine operating requirements)
  • Concentration – ability to work for long hours without being distracted

Knowledge required for a slip bridge operator:

  • Safety and security – knowledge about equipment and strategies for safety of people or property
  • Language – well versed with the spoken as well as written language required for the job
  • Qualification and training – knowledge about the machinery being used and on-site training in using the particular machine

One of the most important issues that should be mentioned in a resume for the position of a slip bridge operator is experience. Employers usually choose their workers by their professional experience, so mention all the duties performed at the previous jobs. You can add some work-related personal traits, such as being a precise worker, being safety conscious, and having good communication skills which are required in pretty much every job possible.

Sample Slip Bridge Operator Resume

Personal Details

Name: Samuel Williams
Address: 140 Grandview Avenue, New York, USA, 99999
Home: (333) 555 5679
Cell: (444) 555 1472


  • Seeking a position as a Slip Bridge Operator Resume
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced bridge operator
  • Safety conscious
  • Decisive and precise

Professional Experience

Slip Bridge Operator, 2002–2007
Hampshire River Bridge, New York, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Moved levers to activate navigation light, traffic signals, and alarms
  • Recorded types, names, and destinations of vessels going through bridge locks and recorded the numbers of vehicles and trains crossing bridges
  • Controlled the machinery to open and close dams and canal locks, highways drawbridges and railroads, or vertically and horizontally adjustable bridges
  • Coordinated the movements of vessels in the bridge areas or locks, using telecommunication equipment, signals, or loudspeakers
  • Controlled the vertical movement of the bridge
  • Sinking the scow during loading
  • Moved the bridge control to align and extend the bridge tracks with tracks on the barge
  • Performed additional duties as assigned

Hampshire River Bridger, New York, USA
Assistant Slip Bridge Operator, 1999–2001

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the head slip bridge operator with general duties as assigned
  • Operated controls that lift and separate the bridge for passage of large river vehicles

High School Diploma, 1998
New York High School, New York, USA


On-the-job, Hampshire River Bridge

Available on request

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