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Stable Groom Resume

With umpteen number of employment opportunities teeming in millions all around the globe, it is not difficult to follow ones passion. With the numerous kinds of jobs that are available today, a person can choose a job of their interest. What is important is your resume. The way your resume is drafted will decide your future. You can get the job of your interest only if have drafted your resume in a relevant and effective manner. Hence, a stable groom resume should also be written and synchronized in such a way that you get a golden opportunity in your field of interest. Before we have a look at the sample resume, let us see what exactly does a stable groom do, and what all you require to become a stable groom.


A stable groom, also known as stable hand, is an individual who is hired to take care of the horses. Moreover, they will be in charge of the everyday upholding of the horses. Grooms can be needed in a lot of types of horse facilities, from stud farms to local riding schools and from international competitive racing stables to private stables.

Education and Qualifications needed for Becoming a Stable Groom

There is no official qualification programs needed for becoming a stable groom. These workers usually begin by volunteering at their neighboring stables and, after a while, advance to a paid job position. Nevertheless, the majority of employers will require stable grooms to possess a high school degree or its equivalent.

Personal Skills for Becoming a Stable Groom

First, you should like horses to be able to work with them. On the other hand, it is necessary to be self-assured around these big animals. A healthy and strong physical condition is required and a motivation to carry out all sorts of duties, even everyday ones. Good people abilities are important, above all if the stables are open to the community for lessons.

The resume for this position should focus on the prior experience in the field. The candidate doesn't need to have higher education, a high school diploma is enough, but the previous work experience makes the difference. Make sure you name all the duties you had to perform on the job, so as prove that you can handle the tasks assigned.

Sample Stable Groom Resume

Contact Details

Name: Mandy Legher
Address: 55, 22nd West Drive
Someville, US 65555
Home: 902-228-4644
Mobile: 774-772-1020

Career Objective

Animal loving worker seeking an interview for a great opportunity as a Stable Groom

List of Skills

  • Trained stable groom with over 10 years of experience in cleaning and grooming horses, prepared for immediate hire on a ranch, farm, or racetrack
  • Flawless work record
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Basic knowledge of horse pathology and physiology

Work Experience

ABC Stables, Blueville, US, 2004–Present, Chief Stable Groom

Job responsibilities

  • Muck out stables, feed the animals and ensure that they have enough water to drink
  • Check and oil their hooves, replace bedding if needed, brush the horses' hair and comb their tails and manes.
  • In charge of exercising the animals, upholding tack and various other equipments
  • Helped out riding teachers with courses and accompanying contest riders to proceedings

  • DEF Racetrack, Big City, US, 2000–2004, Assistant Stable Groom

Job responsibilities

  • Assisting of the chief stable groom in everyday activities, such as cleaning stables and feeding animals
  • Carried out other assignments as required

Education and Training

  • On the job training at DEF Racetrack, Big City, US, 2000
  • High School Diploma, Someville HighSchool, 1999

Accolades and Involvements

  • ABC Stables, Blueville, US
  • Best New Employee Award, 2005


Will be furnished upon request.

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: January 23, 1989
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Driving license: B category, 2008

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