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Television Schedule Coordinator Resume

They have to determine daily operations schedule and transmit this information forward to newspapers and magazines, or to the broadcasting department. Special attention must be given to commercial spots.

Television schedule coordinators have to assign the promotional material to adequate time slots, which also have to be calculated by them depending on the other on-air operations of the television channel. Weekly television schedules are also in their responsibility. They must verify all the information they receive about running programs and must be able to schedule changes and additions. Any occurring problem and irregularity in the television schedule must be signaled and apologies must be composed by the television schedule coordinators.


The resume of a television schedule coordinator needs to include strong computer abilities and clerical abilities. Previous work experience in any media field should be mentioned.

Television Schedule Coordinator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Tina Lionell
Birth date: 09.09.1976
Address: 12 Madison Square, Noblesville, IN, IN 46060
Phone: 234.567.8900
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


The field of media and communications is a very dynamic and modern area of activity with great potential for people interested in keeping up with today's world. This is why I have decided to use my clerical skills in a media coordinator job, more specifically in the position of Television schedule coordinator and be a part of this highly challenging environment.


I want to use my administrative skills and my computer knowledge in performing all the responsibilities implied by the position of Television schedule coordinator. I am very determined and motivated in working in an active and energetic environment and contributing to the television programs of your company.


Professional with clerical work experience and advanced computer skills, looking forward to working as a television schedule coordinator.


  • Clerical and administrative skills
  • Excellent oral and written communicational skills
  • Knowledge in broadcasting operations and regulations
  • Familiarity with the technical television operations
  • Ability to work with deadlines and under pressure
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other departments
Computer knowledge:

Advanced computer knowledge, ability to learn any software application

Work Experience:

Office Clerk, 2006-2008
D&F Business Company, Indiana


  • Performed clerical duties, such as taking care of correspondence, answering phones, establishing meetings
  • Prepared daily office schedules
  • Assisted my superior in meetings
  • Handled paperwork, organized files and documents
  • Worked with different computer applications and monitored electronic correspondence
  • Participated in the management of the company's website
  • Solved minor logistical problems and mediated the public contact with the office
Television Schedule Coordinator
ABC TV Station, Indiana 2008-2010


  • Managed the TV station's program
  • Conducted research to find out which program is preferred by the audience and inserted commercials at prime time
  • Announced all the changes within the program grid
Education and Training:

Training program in Clerical Management
High School Diploma in Computer Science, North Indiana Public School


I have received work recognition from my superiors and I have managed to handle stressful and demanding office situations

Areas of interest:



Mrs. Faith Moore,
Business Assistant,
D&F Business Company, Indiana

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