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Ticket Seller Resume

A ticket seller resume should be drafted in such a way that the reader stands no choice to point out any mistakes in it. It should be such a worthy document that it should show all your professional abilities and skills that would prove you a candidate worth picking up for a good position in a good and reputed organization.


If you have been to the cinema or to the theatre at least once by now, then you must have noticed the firm hand that hands you the entry ticket. If your car has just broken down and you have to use a bus in order to get to work on time, then you will probably appeal to a person standing behind a counter and who will give you the ticket. When you go to a theme park or zoo, a museum, or a game zone, you are given the right to enter the place only by the ticket seller. He/she holds the power of letting you in.

The ticket seller is not invested with so much attention. We often ignore the qualities of the person giving us the ticket and charging the money for it. But it is definitely a wrong attitude, as that specific person may hide a lot of skills.

In order to become a ticket seller, you need to be a very patient and diplomatic person, with very good to excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to permanently interact with people of different ages and with different reactions and personalities. You have to be dressed neatly at all times, as you are sometimes considered a genuine image of the institution that you represent. You have to possess the ability to work hard, even overtime, and of performing routine tasks with ease and with a great amount of attention.

Being a ticket seller is not just about handing a ticket and charging the correspondent sum of money, but it has to do more with interacting with people, with understanding what their needs and preferences are, and thus to serve their interest as well as possible. If these traits define you, then what you have to do is make a convincing resume and you can almost consider yourself hired. Here is a little help.

Sample Ticket Seller Resume

Personal details:

Name: Rose Elliot
Address: 12th Street Palk Avenue,
Lords Street, USA
Phone: 827 428 9482
Email address:
Date: January 17, 2011

Career Objective

To become a ticket seller within your cinema, and thus to have the chance to take care of guiding and attending to the costumers in the best way I can. I know that it would be up to me to make them consider going to a movie to be a satisfying experience and I am sure that I can make them come back over and over again.

Qualities and skills

  • Patient
  • Very attentive to details
  • Very good Mathematical skills
  • Very good communication and presentation skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Proficient with the computer

Work experience

Ticket seller, The Rock Theatre, London, 2009–2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Sell the entrance tickets
  • Book tickets in advance
  • Charge the money
  • Keep accurate and updated records of the sales
  • Guide the customers if need arises
  • Solving consumer queries at times


High School Diploma, The Bay High School, London, 2005–2009


  • Great results in interacting with people
  • Great results in solving their problems
  • Great attention to the costumer's needs

Areas of interest

  • Cinematography
  • Driving
  • Classical theatre plays
  • Shopping


Mrs. Mary Adams
The Rock Theatre, London
Email address:

Other personal details

  • Birth date: 12/03/1981
  • Nationality: English
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Four
  • Driver's license: Yes

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