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Waste Treatment Plant Operator Resume

Their job is included in the sanitary services and they have the serious responsibility of making sure that all the equipment involved in water treatment is functioning correctly and that there isn't any risk of distributing polluted water for consumption. The equipment that they have to operate in their working activities are pumps, valves and pipes, collection systems processing machines, meters and gauges chemical feeding devices and so on.


The resume of a waste treatment plant operator needs to underline the ability to perform this job that implies electrical, mechanical, chemistry and hydraulics knowledge. Individuals who want to perform this type of activity need to have a certificate for practicing sanitary services and to be competent in operating various types of water treatment machines. Training, education and previous experience are therefore, of utmost importance in the resume of a waste treatment plant operator.

Waste Treatment Plant Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Gabriel Small
Birth date: 21.12.1976
Address and Contact Details: 166 Ranch Street, Houston, TX
Phone: 444.555.7777
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


With a Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Management and Recycling Technology certification and a Bachelor's Degree in Sciences, I am a strong and competitive candidate for the position of waste treatment plant operator. I have the technical and mechanical abilities and the necessary knowledge in order to handle the tasks implied by the job with great responsibility and professionalism.


I wish to offer my services and abilities to the waste treatment plant of our town and contribute to delivering efficient sanitary services and ensuring safe and environmental water for public consumption.


Water waste treatment plant operator with certification and experience, in search for a serious career opportunity.


  • Water treatment certification and knowledge
  • Ability to work with power and manual water treatment equipment and tools
  • Ability to perform maintenance and repair services
  • Ability to collect samples for laboratory testing
  • Technical and scientific inclinations
  • Physical strength, hard-working and energetic
  • Communicational skills, administrative and managerial skills Computer knowledge: domestic computer skills
Work Experience:

Waste Treatment Plant Operator, 2004-2010
Wastewater Engineering Bureau, Texas


  • Operating special water treatment machines,
  • Ensuring the correct and safe functioning of the equipment,
  • Performing maintenance tasks,
  • Analyzing gauge equipment,
  • Administering chemicals and collecting samples for testing,
  • Maintaining records and ensuring compliance with sanitary standards and procedures,
  • Identifying malfunctions and performing repairs,
  • Giving directions to attendants and sewage disposal workers.
Education and Training:

Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Management and Recycling Technology Certification Bachelor's Degree in Technical Sciences, North Shepherd University


The position of wastewater treatment plant operator has given me the opportunity to contribute to a safe and environmentally friendly procedure of water treatment.

Areas of interest:

  • Nature,
  • Sciences,
  • Politics,
  • Sports

Mrs. Wanda Smith,
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor,
Wastewater Engineering Bureau, Texas

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