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Wellhead Pumper Resume

One of the main tasks of a Wellhead pumper is monitoring the control panels all through the pumping actions with the reason of ensuring that the materials are correctly being pumped at the right density, pressure, concentration and rate. They have to operate different pumps and motors so that the pumping activity and the shutting off of the well is done in relation with a pre set schedule, after that, switching the oil flow to the storage tanks.


Another important point in the work day of a wellhead pumper is checking the equipment and the vehicles and, if necessary, making minor mending to the gauges and meters.

Sometimes, they have to unpack and assemble pumping gear and pipes with the use of hand tools. After this, they attach the hoses and the pumps to the wellheads. Wellhead pumpers then start the engines of the compressors and redirect the oil or gas from the supply storage to the auxiliary equipment. In addition, they have to manage valves to re-pressurize the well in order to get the remained oil to the surface.

The majority of employers require wellhead pumpers to have a high school diploma or maybe less. The main part of the training consists in on the job instruction. Some college programs can be suitable for this profession.

Sample Wellhead Pumper Resume

Personal Details

Gayle Pentry
23, Blue Street
Randomcity, US, 98766
Home: (123) 556-2322,
Mobile: (988) 444-8373


  • Looking for a position as Wellhead Pumper Summary
  • Greatly talented Wellhead Pumper with more than four years of experience in using power pumps and supplementary equipment to assure the flow of gas or oil from wells in the fields of oil.
List of Qualifications
  • Vast ability to monitor and watch indicators for instance dials and gauges to make sure that the gear is in the appropriate working state.
  • Strong ability to utilize compulsory hand tools to fix systems and machines.
  • In-depth capability to control and operate systems and equipment.
  • Noteworthy ability to come to a decision regarding the type of tools and machinery wanted to carry out a job.
  • Deep ability to use mathematics in the solving of problems.
  • Excellent ability to use critical and logic thinking in resolving problems.
Professional Hstory

Oil and Gas Works Inc., Randomcity
2006 - Present

Wellhead Pumper

  • Utilize pumps and engines to shut off wells as decided in the fabrication schedules, and to redirect the flow of the oil to the storage tanks.
  • Carry out routine upholding on equipment and vehicles.
  • Fix oil and gas gauges and meters.
  • Unpack and assemble pumps and pipes with the usage of hand tools.
  • Connect hoses and pumps to wellheads.
  • Oversee oil pumpers and additional workers involved.
  • Get trucks ready as well as the gear needed for the sort of pumping service decided.
  • Manage the blending and pumping equipment to cement, acidize, or fracture oil or gas wells and porous rock types.

High School Diploma, Blue High, Randomcity, 2005

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