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Window Trimmer Resume

A window trimmer resume is drafted by those individuals who love pleasant displays, travelling, and repair work. If you have any doubt regarding the drafting of such a resume, then you have come to the right place. Provided below is a sample resume that will guide you in the correct way. It is very necessary to understand what a window trimmer does before drafting a resume for the same. This is necessary in order to avoid any misconception or misunderstanding regarding the job profile.


A window trimmer is a person hired by retail stores to arrange the location in order to attract customers. Usually, window displays in large retail stores tell a story while other stores display simple merchandise and announcements of sales. Window displays are considered to be very important tools for retailers to connect with their potential customers. Window trimmers create pleasant displays in the windows of a store to amplify profits, and they are mainly responsible for the outside window of the store. Window trimmers have the responsibility to arrange other visual displays in the store, and if a store is a part of a chain, they even travel to the locations of other chains to create displays there as well. Some stores have a specific theme they want to see in their windows while, others, like small stores give freedom to the window trimmer to design the window after his choice.

Window trimmers must have great artistic skills and also understanding of the business goals of the store. They must be cooperative with the manager and team-players, because the job includes working either individually or in a team. They also must be very organized and should schedule their plans in such way to meet deadlines. Window trimmers are expected to be reliable and responsible people with the ability to follow directions.

When you are writing a resume for the position of a window trimmer, you may choose from the following knowledge, skill and ability requirements. A window trimmer should have knowledge of customer and personal service, English language, sales and marketing, design, and computers and electronics. As for skills, the general requirements include speaking, active listening, critical thinking, decision making and judgment, time management and coordination.

The ability requirements are oral comprehension and expression, speech clarity, visualization, extent flexibility, arm-hand steadiness, information ordering, manual dexterity and near vision. You can choose the skills and abilities you possess and add them in your resume in order to convince the potential employer that you have what it takes for the job.

Window Trimmer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Lisa Ames
Address: 3rd Northern Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 346 6532
Date: January 28, 2012

Career Objective

Seeking the position of Window Trimmer in a nearby and company. I wish to make use of my excellent skills for the development and betterment of the company.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Exceptional knowledge of customer service
  • Strong ability to understand spoken and written directions
  • Excellent knowledge to effectively present, promote and sell products
  • Solid knowledge in design techniques
  • Remarkable time management skills
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Good communication skills

Professional Experience

  • Company: Star Shopping Mall, New York, USA
  • Designation: Window Trimmer, 2003–Present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planned the commercial displays of the merchandise
  • Took photographs of displays
  • Rotated window display and interior displays
  • Developed plans and ideas for merchandise displays
  • Arranged furniture, merchandise, properties following prepared sketches
  • Assembled displays from glass, fabric, plastic and paper using hand tools and following guidelines
  • Collaborated with other workers to obtain display items


High School Diploma, New York High School, 2000

Areas of interest

  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Calligraphy


Will be furnished upon request.

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