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Zookeeper Resume

A zookeeper is the professional worker who needs to take care of the animals and birds within a zoo. They are also responsible for the dietary requirements of the animals, for maintaining records of the zoo animals or for offering zoo managers information regarding the behavior or the health issues of animals. Zookeepers also have to present the animals to the visitors and to answer their questions regarding them.

Feeding, cleaning, bathing the animals and repairing their cages are just some of the duties of a zookeeper. The animals have to be fed daily, so as a result, the zookeepers have to work on both weekends and holidays. These professionals have to learn information about zoo animals and then report this information to the zoo manager for evaluation. They also need to know about animals in order to provide educational information to visitors.


Zookeeper Resume Writing Tips

When writing your zookeeper resume, the first elements that you have to add are the contact information (name, address, and telephone), the objective statement (one or two sentences where you have to describe what type of position you are looking for) and what skills and qualifications you have for this job. In the next section, you can add your summary qualifications. Here add four or five sentences presenting not only your general skills, but also some specific skills and qualifications that are useful in this field. Highlight anything you feel that is relevant to your application as a zookeeper.

The following section in your resume is about your work experience. Offer details on your previous jobs and present what duties and responsibilities you held in every position. The last two sections have to be about your training and education. In the training section, mention just the highest degrees, like a Bachelor's or a Master's Degree in Zoology, Animal Science or Wildlife Management. Add the name of the degree, the name of the school you attended and the location of the school.

Patience, flexibility and sensitivity are some of the skill requirements for a zookeeper position. So, when writing your resume, remember to focus on them.

Zookeeper Sample Resume

Contact Information

Name: Todd Martinez
Address: 2nd Division Street
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 30.10.1983


From my experience I can state that a zookeeper has to take care of the animals and birds within a zoo.


Looking for a challenging and rewarding position as a zookeeper in a company where I can utilize my experience, skills and knowledge.


Talented, flexible and animal-lover zookeeper with vast experience in participating at the work involving the care of animals and maintaining the equipments and the facilities in a zoo.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent communication and ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
  • Ability to create and to maintain effective working relations with other employees and with the general public
  • Ability to coordinate and to supervise the activities of the subordinates.
Work Experience

Zookeeper, Saint Louis Zoo, St. Louis, MO, 2008-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Created feeding schedules for animals based on veterinarian recommendations
  • Cleaned and sanitized cages, food trays and water pans
  • Assisted the veterinarian in health care of animals: treatment, vaccination, laboratory tests and procedures
Zookeeper, Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, 2004-2008

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performed daily care and feeding of animals
  • Maintained zoo tools and equipment in good condition
  • Responded to the questions of zoo visitors.

Bachelor's of Science Degree in Zoology, Chicago State University

Areas of Interest

Animal Care


References available upon request

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